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Mission Statement
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"We are poised to build a successful business in Networking, Systems Support, System Analysis and Systems Security Consultancy, while providing cost effective & quality supply of Hardware to our Clients for all their ICT needs"
Our team consist of expert that have over three decades of working with the various IT companies, including Hewlett Packard, Easy café services and logistic. It is our believe that the successful future of an organization lies in his ability to diversify.

We also have network and IT consultant that possesses many IT certifications, such as ICMP, CCNP, CISSP B. Sc (Hons) and Msc in Information Security (Unilon) to mention but a few.

The team also consist Certified Chartered account (ACCA). Who works closely with our banker for smooth payment of invoice to our supplier and easy and painless delivery of goods and services to our customer.

We have our own "freight guru". One of the few professionals in the industry, that befittingly carry the toga "an in and out" Logistics expert. With twenty years already invested into the profession, this proficiency has been attested to by many of our peers as our ability to liaise with manufacturers and get issues resolve quickly and painlessly is second to none.

We also have Business Administration graduate, one of the best around. Our experience in negotiating contract with manufacturer has earned the title "The Negotiator". Most manufacturers are unwilling to extend their product guarantee beyond the borders of Europe and western world, we has consistently got them to commit to extend this to Africa and South America through the use of our team negotiation power. As a British company our diplomacy has also helped to get the best deal in all our business interaction. Our experience in dealing with manufacturers in Asian market especially China and Japan is priceless.