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Mission Statement
"We are poised to build a successful business in Networking, Systems Support, System Analysis and Systems Security Consultancy, while providing cost effective & quality supply of Hardware to our Clients for all their ICT needs"
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Understanding The Marketplace

M&S understand the fact that there are challenges in logistic and supplies to organization, but we believe that our unique position to be able to negotiate and meet delivery target is helping our customers to focus on their core business. We understand the delay and stress that organization face in dealing with several companies to get materials and goods deliver, hence our services is tailored to mitigate such concerns.
Integrated Strategies for Businesses which M&S offers follows a clearly defined service and logistic strategy, ensuring that products are developed to conform with the special needs of each customer needs and requirement.


The continuous evolution of M&S services is customer driven, exploiting technological advances and reflecting the value of the industry in which we operate. By actively applying the latest proven techniques and technology to manage customer requirements, M&S is among the first to deliver new solutions that enable its clients to derive maximum value from their investment.


M&S operates in some of the most demanding market environments where service and product integrity is paramount. In our pursuit of best practice, the policy of M&S is to provide each Client a service level agreement (SLA) with a penalty if we fail to deliver base on our agreement on the SLA. This SLA will focus on deliverance of product and services on time, to budget and perform as specified. It is also our policy to provide a periodic report to advise our customer of progress on their orders doing and highlight any problematic area and suggest a solution.